NTerprise Solution

Fundraising and crowdfunding is a key challenge of R&D projects and initiatives assets allocation. Centralized procedures don’t allow the industrial and academia project managers and proposers to raise their required funds in scaling up stage once a plan is initiated. In order to fix some challenges and key issues on R&D projects fundraising and crowdfunding, NTerprise is launched to provide a solution according to decentralization capabilities and blockchain technology maturity.

The “NTerprise” token is built on Ethereum main network as a verified source of an ERC-20 smart contract.

NTerprise Eminent Points of View

Built on Ethereum, ERC20 Utility Token to perform in ETH main network

Contributors decentralization through a secure and peer to peer network

Assess and manage the R&D fundraising process using assets tokenization offerings

NTerprise token is a joint initiative launched and designed by professional entities and organizations those aim to lead and align the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance features.

How does it work?

R&D projects assets evaluation and required funds for fundraising stages

Assets and fund tokenization using smart contract of Ethereum main network

Tokenized R&D fund and assets sorting to plan the projects investment and fundraising features

Exchange and Trade

To exchange and pair NTER token with Ethereum, traders can use the “Tokpie” pair link:

Contributors & Partners

British Capital Limited is a Hong Kong based incorporation aims to support the NTerprise token initiative by market analyzing and feasibility staging.

FT Cambridge is a member of Rise London contributes as a technical partner to manage and support the blockchain and decentralization process.