Founding partners include technical, market analysis and legal advisory entities those help the NTerprise platform to be promoted and accelerated according to desired standards and regulations of a secure, peer to peer and ease of use decentralized financial trading ecosystem using tokenized Proof of Stake (PoS) transactions.

Corporate partners are active R&D laboratories, investment firms and venture capitals those would like to raise fund, plan and investment or share a capital through the NTerprise platform. While R&D labs are strongly encouraged to use this platform for their fundraising purposes, venture capitals and investment firms can try their long term investment approaches on emerging, lucrative and strategic R&D initiatives.

Board of investors are individual angel investors and seed fund experts who are willing to join the NTerprise investment portfolio and help to raise the funds or promote the investment opportunities of academic or industrial R&D projects and initiatives.

Collaborated decentralized and centralized exchanges are the right places for swapping and pairing the NTerprise tokens with major cryptocurrencies to facilitate the trade purposes for contributors. In regard to NTerprise nature of activities, it doesn’t support any fiat currencies in R&D fundraising tokenization.