Idea generation and promotion stages were being started since December 2019 in order to initiate a secure, peer to peer and autonomous platform of the academic and industrial R&D projects fundraising.

Market feasibility and business analysis were being assessed as the second phase of the project development after checking and affirming the technical requirements and best practices.

Since July/August 2020, developers and core members of NTerprise token planned to present this token in ICO and fundraising launchpad stages for fundraising of listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

ICO Launchpad (Round II)

The second ICO launchpad stage of NTER token is live until 10 November 2020. At this stage, the main goal of fundraising is supplying the required liquidity of listing the NTER token on major and high-ranked centralized and decentralized exchanges. The main terms and information are listed below for traders reference:

*      Token Price (ICO launchpad, round II): $0.014 (1 ETH ~ 24000 NTER)

*      ICO (Round I) Total Supply: 10,000,000 (~415 ETH + 10% bonus)

Bonus: Special 10% bonus (extra purchase) for traders who purchase more than 10,000 tokens.

*      An official and legal sale report will be provided at the end of ICO launchpad round. Unsold tokens will be burnt and won’t be used in other rounds.

*      Token swapping in a decentralized exchange will be provided as soon as completing the first launchpad round.

*      KYC: Not required

*      Banned jurisdiction: None